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KOHLER Generators.






















A day without power is one too many.

Have a state-of-the-art KOHLER home generator installed. Within ten seconds of a power outage, power is transferred from the utility grid to the standby generator, and life goes on as if nothing had happened. KOHLER home generators engage quickly, automatically and dependably. So don’t wait -- be ready with residential backup power so your family can enjoy life without interruption.

 The KOHLER Difference

Award-winning performance and reliability

Clean power for sensitive electronics

Restores power within seconds of an outage

Exclusive PowerBoost technology for powerful performance

Corrosion-proof enclosure (14 and 20 kW models)

Superior 5-year limited warranty


Durability for today. And every day after. Strong, fast and tough. KOHLER home generators are equipped with heavy-duty, commercial-grade engines. Unlike the competition, our engines are built for extreme outdoor applications. Which means they far exceed the demands of backing up your home. Plus, our generators feature a tough, streamlined exterior -- the industry’s first 100% corrosion-proof enclosure.

Not sure which generator to choose?

We will analyze the actual electrical load of your home/business and provide you with the perfect generator to fit your needs.


Nanni Electric offers the answer for all your backup needs, including residential, commercial and industrial standby/emergency power. Don’t forget to call us to service your generators. Summer storms can knock out your power for days and the loss of power in the winter quickly becomes a challenge. We’ll check batteries, oil and provide regular service to ensure your generator is in working order when you need it most! We also install a safe way to hook up a portable generator to power your house.





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